Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This week I had 2 challenges that
I combined into one project. Well,
sort of. LOL. Over at Queen of my
Craftroom the DT was challenged
to make a 3D project and the Crazy
About Cricut DT was challenged to
make an Easter treat. So, I decided
to make these cute Strawberries.

I made two types of strawberries.
The ones for the 3D project were
filled with one Hershey kiss. Actually
that is all that will fit. LOL. The other
strawberries I put a sucker inside them.
You can see the sucker stick in the photo
above. The strawberry is a SVG cut that
you can find here:

I ran the strawberries and tops
trough the cuttlebug with the swiss
dots folder. I then chalked them to
bring out the dots. You need to make
a hole on each of the petals of the
strawberry (you will understand when you
see the pattern) and in the center of the
tops. I then used some fluffy yarn and
ran it through all the holes and the tops.
I needed to add something to keep the
knot from slipping through the top hole
so, I added a green button.
The basket was cut from the 2010
Easter cartridge. I cut it out with the
fit to page button. I thought it looked
to flat so, I used my MS score board
and scored it at every 1/4 inch going
both ways. I then used a light brown
chalk to make the lines pop out.

The brown paper filler is actually
a paper lunch sack that I cut with
my paper cutter. I didn't want to
spend $2.00 on a bag of paper filler
so, I figured why not try to make my
own. And I was very happy with how
wonderful it turned out.

I hope you enjoyed my project and
will come back soon.
Sweet Wishes ~Sharon~

April 9th &10th 2011

My brother and dad were in a Chump Car
race last weekend here in Portland, Or.
If you don't know what a Chump Car is
then let me tell you. A Chump Car can't
cost more than $500 and that is not how
much you paid for it. That is the total cost
of everything in the car. Except for safety
equipment. Well, now to explain why I
started this posting. My brother was trying
to figure out how they were going to put the
numbers on the car so, what would be better
to use than my Cricut!! My brother borrowed
my E and used the 12X24 mat to cut them out
at 23 1/2 inches. He couldn't find any vinyl
that he could get at the last minute. So, he
ended up using contact paper. Which worked
out GREAT and held up through the entire race
(and it even rained one of the race days). Here
are a couple of pictures of the numbers on the
race car.

My dad is in the black race suit and
my brother is in the white race suit.

They finished 9th the fist day and
7th on the second day. (out of 60 cars)
I think they did a great job since this
is a new car and a new team. Their
next race is in July in WA.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jenny's Big Birthday Bolg-aversary

Welcome to Jenny's Big Birthday Blog-aversary!!

If you are joining me from

you are in the right place!

If you just happened across my blog and

would like to play along with our fun hop,

you can go to Crazy About Cricut at

and start at the beginning.

My friend Jenny over at Crazy About Cricut

is celebrating her Birthday Blog-aversary.

Each of us blogger were asked to create

a project using some type of halloween

themed cartridge. Because Halloween is

Jenny's favorite holiday. Be sure to visit each

blog for fun and different ways to use

Halloween theme cartridges but, not

look like Halloween.

My first project was made by starting off

with a $1.00 bucket from Target. And using

the Mini Monsters cartridge. I cut the princess

out at 4 inches and the frog at 1 inch. I ran the

princesses hat and dress through the cuttlebug

using the swiss dots folder. I also used white

iridescent chalk on her outfit. The sunshine is

cut out from the Birthday Bash cartridge and

was cut at 2 1/4 inches. I filled the bucket

with shredded colored tissue paper. Then

added lots of fun girly out side toys and of

course lots of candy.

I love how simple and easy this was to
make. What little girl wouldn't want a
gift like this. (or even a big girl)

I also decided to try out the card feature
on Mini Monsters. The frog was cut out
at 5 inches and was so easy to put together.

I hope you enjoyed my projects.
You next stop is:
If you think you might have missed someone
you can go back to the beggining at

Here is the lineup in case you get lost or

need to stop along the way:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thankful Thursdays DT April 7th

This weeks challenge for the Thankful
Thursday's DT was to make something
Birthday related to help celebrate
Jenny's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Jenny!! I hope you
have a great Birthday month.

I decided to use the Simply Sweet cricut
cartridge. I made a Gift bag, Cupcake box
and a Birthday card.

The Gift Box was cut with the fit
to page button on and ended up
being 5 3/4 inches tall. All of these
projects were made mostly with the
Post-it paper.

The cupcake box was also cut with
the fit to page button on. It ended
up being 3 1/2 inches tall and 4 1/2
inches wide. I wanted to make this
part of the present so, I took a pair
of fluffy socks and rolled them up to
look like a cupcake. I then used Mini
Monograms cartridge and cut out a
2 1/2 inch scalloped circle to stamp
the Happy Birthday saying.

I really love this Ice Cream cone. (if you
can't tell from my last post) I love that
this cartridge has a card button. They
make it so easy for you to have a really
cute card in no time. I cut it out at 5 3/4
inches. I ran the top two layers through
the cuttlebug and then chalked them
to give them the extra depth. I then cut
out an extra Ice Cream cone with the
blackout button and glued it inside so it
was a different color then the brown.

Thanks for stopping by today!
And have a Wonderful Day!
Sweet Wishes, Sharon

Monday, April 4, 2011


I bet you thought I had forgot about my
giveaway. No, I would never forget about
my wonderful blogging friends. I have had
a serious migraine headache this weekend.
I hate when I get them this bad. Oh, enough
about my problems. LOL. Before I announce
the lucky winner I would like to thank everyone
for their wonderful comments and words of
encouragement. I really appreciate all the blog
love you have all given me.

I had Emily choose a number between 1 and 64
and she choose # 32. Which apparently is her
favorite number. So, Now to announce
the lucky girl who won.

Laura (tweetyb)

Laura I will email you for your address soon.

I hope you all will be back again soon.

Sweet Wishes, Sharon