Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursdays DT Back to School Sweet Treats

The Design Team over at Crazy About Cricut
was asked to make a special note to put in our
children's lunches.  With this being my daughter 
first year of middle school, I thought she would 
love a little something special and a sweet treat
at the same time. 

She will only have 3 days of school the first
week so I made 3 different treats for her to 

She loves milky ways and snickers bars. So, 
I took some scrap pieces of paper and wrapped
 them with the paper.  I crimped the edges of the
 packages and then added some tags from Tags, 
Bags, Boxes & More. The Green paper is a sour
 cream paper container.  Here is a good YouTube
 video to give you great directions if you have never
made one of these containers.
Inside the Sour Cream container I added dried 
cranberries mixed with fruit gummies.  

I hope you stop by Jenny's blog and check out the 
other Design Team projects.

I hope you enjoyed my Sweet Treats

Sweet Wishes, Sharon

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  1. I just LOVE your sweet treats!! I bet your daughter did too ;) Thanks for sharing!!