Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Secret Sister Swap on the Cricut MB

I have joined a Secret Sister Swap on the Cricut MB.
This Swap is for 3 months of your crafting supply
wishes. This is the card I made my SS as an added
bonus in addition to all the fun supplies she will receive.

I hope my SS loves this post it note holder.
I wanted to try to stick with the cooler winter
colors for the January Swap.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party

I have a friend who was having a Mad Hatter
Tea Party for her daughter's Birthday. I
volunteered to make the EAT ME cookies.
I forgot to take a nice picture of them before
they were delivered. But, you can see how
they went from plain pink heart to very
pretty EAT ME cookies.

Plain pink sugar cookies.
Don't they look YUMMY!!
I also told her I would make the Happy Birthday sign.
I had a great time making it. I used the Mini
Monograms Cricut cart for the back squares and
the Hello Kitty font cart for all the letters.

I thought it would be so fun for the girls at the party
to play pin the card on the Mad Hatters Hat. I used
the hat from the groom on the Paper Doll Dress Up
cart. It was fit to page on the 12X24 mat and came
out in the perfect size. The cards were cut using the
label feature on the Preserves cart. I was able to get
4 from a 8 1/2 X 11 paper

My girls

My beautiful girls waiting to see The Nutcracker.
I just had to share an updated picture of my

Christmas tree 2010

I choose to stick with the Disney Movie theme
again this year. I added a few new cuts from the
Mickey and Friends cart and the Pooh and Friend
cart. Don't you just love the popcorn boxes. You
can make them with the Bags, Tags, Boxes and
more cart.

And yes that is popcorn in the glass ball. If you go to
my tree from last year I have all the directions on
there how to make your own.

I love Tinkerbell all the way up there. She is
at the top of the tree with a giant film bow.
My mom found some old reels of film that
was headed for the trash and knew I could
find a way to use it for my tree. So, it became
bow and lots of garland. I even figured out
a way to get the reel to stay in place.

The finished tree!! We even had Disney paper.

Sophia's 2nd Birthday

I wanted to make something for my niece's
2nd Birthday party. The theme was Gingerbread
boys. When I found a Gingerbread boy silicone
mold at Jo Ann's I couldn't pass it up. It was
perfect to make crayons for the party favors .
I used Mini Monograms for the bag toppers
and From My Kitchen for the Gingerbread Boys.

If you have been following me for a while you
know how much I LOVE Cupcakes!! Especially
mini Cupcakes. I used my Cricut and the From
My Kitchen cart to cut out the Gingerbread Boys
for the tops of the Cupcakes. I layered 2 with a
toothpick in the middle of each one.

Here is my Very Sweet niece Sophia getting
ready to blow out her candles. And yes that
is a cheesecake that her Auntie made her.
Sophia LOVES her Aunties cheesecakes
and wanted one instead of a regular birthday
cake. She is a very grown up 2 year old.

Happy Cupcake day!!

Emily and I had to make Cupcakes for
Happy Cupcake Day!!
We just wanted to wish you all a
Happy Day filled with lots of Cupcakes!!

More Deserts

I thought I would try something different. And boy
was it good. It is a Cheesecake bottom with a
chocolate ganache on top. Everyone said it taste
like a boston cream pie.

My favorite desert to make is Cheesecakes. I
made a mandarin orange Cheesecake with a
orange cream on top. I was so creamy.
I just had to share the wonderful flower
arrangement Emily made for the table.
Can I say like mother like daughter.
I think she did a great job.

Thanksgiving Deserts

I was in charge of making deserts for Thanksgiving.
This first one is a brownie bottom pecan pie.
It was so very rich and Yummy!

My daughter Emily made the pumpkin pies
and I do have to say she did a wonderful job!

This is another one of Emily's pies. She made
an apple pie complete with a lattice top.

Don't they all look so Yummy!!

I made these little one bite cream cheese
pumpkin pies.