Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas tree 2010

I choose to stick with the Disney Movie theme
again this year. I added a few new cuts from the
Mickey and Friends cart and the Pooh and Friend
cart. Don't you just love the popcorn boxes. You
can make them with the Bags, Tags, Boxes and
more cart.

And yes that is popcorn in the glass ball. If you go to
my tree from last year I have all the directions on
there how to make your own.

I love Tinkerbell all the way up there. She is
at the top of the tree with a giant film bow.
My mom found some old reels of film that
was headed for the trash and knew I could
find a way to use it for my tree. So, it became
bow and lots of garland. I even figured out
a way to get the reel to stay in place.

The finished tree!! We even had Disney paper.

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