Monday, April 4, 2011


I bet you thought I had forgot about my
giveaway. No, I would never forget about
my wonderful blogging friends. I have had
a serious migraine headache this weekend.
I hate when I get them this bad. Oh, enough
about my problems. LOL. Before I announce
the lucky winner I would like to thank everyone
for their wonderful comments and words of
encouragement. I really appreciate all the blog
love you have all given me.

I had Emily choose a number between 1 and 64
and she choose # 32. Which apparently is her
favorite number. So, Now to announce
the lucky girl who won.

Laura (tweetyb)

Laura I will email you for your address soon.

I hope you all will be back again soon.

Sweet Wishes, Sharon


  1. How exciting!! Thanks so much! And Sharon, just to let you know, I think your work is amazing!! =) Thanks again!!

  2. GREAT IDEA!!! Corrine